Rotary Youth Exchange - an opportunity of a lifetime

A year of study overseas as a
Rotary Youth Exchange Student gives you -
  • an opportunity to develop your personal self confidence and maturity
  • an opportunity to develop a lifetime of international friendships
  • an opportunity to develop an understanding of many different cultures
  • an opportunity to develop new language skills
  • an opportunity to develop a base for future education and career goals
  • an opportunity to develop in many ways
Objectives of the program
To further international goodwill and understanding by enabling students to study at first hand some of the cultures and accomplishments of people in lands other than their own.
To enable students to advance their education by studying for a year in an environment entirely different to their own and undertaking study of courses and subjects not normally available to them in secondary schools of their own country.
To broaden their own outlook by learning to live with and meet people of different cultures, creeds and colours to their own, and by having to cope with day to day problems in an environment completely different to the one they have experienced at home.
To act as an Ambassador for Australia by addressing Rotary Clubs, Community organisations and Youth groups in their host country and by imparting as much knowledge as they can of their own country and its culture to the people they meet during their year abroad.
To study and observe all facets of life and culture in the country where they are hosted so that on their return to Australia they can pass on the knowledge they have gained by addressing Rotary Clubs, Community organisations and Youth groups.

Who is eligible?

Long Term Program : Applicants must be older than 15 years and younger than 17 years on 1st January in the year of departure. For planning this should be taken as 20th January in the year following application.
Short/Medium Term Program: Applicants can be up to 18 years of age at the time of departure and possibly completed their secondary education.
Virtual Program: Available to all applicants depending on circumstances between the ages of 15 -18 years  
Applicants must have above average academic ability and must have an outgoing and pleasant personality to fit them for the role as an Ambassador for Australia. They must have the ability to accept discipline and be capable of adjusting to new and strange conditions.
Applicants must be of good character and reputation.
Sons and daughters of Rotarians are eligible for Youth Exchange, but receive no special preference in selection. All applicants are selected solely on merit.
Students must hold a current Australian passport on departure.


Students are required to obey the laws of the host country at all times and accept the discipline of the host school and the host parents. Students are required to adapt to the home environment of the host families - Host families are under no obligation to adapt themselves to the student.
Students must return to Australia on completion of the exchange by the most direct route as arranged by the District Youth Exchange Committee.
The parents are required to provide the cost of transporting the student to and from the host country. This cost varies and depends on the final destination of the student. This travel is arranged by Rotary.
The parent must take out the Rotary International approved travel and accident policy. (more information will be provided on interview/training days)
Parents will provide for day to day personal living expenses including clothing, telephone, postage, and travel on organised tours etc. for the student while abroad.

Apply Now

Students interested in participating in this program are invited to contact their local Rotary club or our District Youth Exchange Chair.
Updated 5 September 2020