Vocational Service


David McPherson
Rotary Club of Deniliquin
M: 0408 629644
Email: vocational@rotary9790.org.au




Ambulance Victoria, Victoria Police and Victoria SES Mentoring program

Ambulance Victoria, Victoria Police and Victoria SES Leaders Mentoring Program is a Multi-District development initiative focused on the personal leadership of mentees at different stages in their leadership careers.
The 12-month program provides an opportunity for mentees to build their leadership skills, drive innovation and enhance community engagement through a mentoring partnership with Rotary.
To become a mentor please visit rotarymentors.org.au



Learner Driver Mentor Program - L2P

Securing a driver's licence is a prerequisite for many young people to gain workforce entry. The L2P program is a innovative community based learner driver program to assist young people to reach their 120 hours. Clubs provide supervising drivers in conjunction with local government and community representatives.
If your community does not have an L2P driver training program then contact David Redfearn as below.

David Redfearn
Rotary club of Moreland
(M) 0448 852 747
Email: dredfearn@vtown.com.au



Pride of Workmanship Award and Vocational Excellence Award

These awards are designed to acknowledge any member of our community, irrespective of age or vocation, who displays outstanding qualities in terms of approach, dedication, attitude and commitment to service.Where local clubs do not have a Pride of Workmanship awards night, I have suggested that they coordinate with their local Chamber of Business to have a ‘Rotary Pride of Workmanship’ or Vocational Excellence award within the Chamber’s annual business awards (if they have one). In this way the message that Rotary recognizes and encourages ‘a job well done’ can be put out there in the club’s local community.

Shine On Awards Program

Rotary Southern Districts D9780, D9790, D9800, D9810, D9820
The Shine On Awards are made each year as a combined districts activity to recognise the contribution that nominated disabled people have made to the communities in which they live. This recognises people who have, despite their disability, got on with life and participated where they are able for the betterment of their communities and society in general. It is through their actions and deeds that a greater acceptance of disabled people within our communities is achieved. Nominations for a Shine on award are called for each December with an award ceremony conducted usually in April.
Leigh Aitken
Rotary Club of Heidelberg
(M) 0438 844 830
Email: leighaitken51@gmail.com



The Royce Abbey Award and the Royce and Jean Abbey Vocational Training Team Programme (“the Scholarship”) were established in recognition of Royce Abbey’s contribution to Rotary as an inspirational Rotary member and leader since 1954 and his role as President of Rotary International in 1988-89.
Royce and Jean Abbey Scholarship
The earnings of the Fund are used for Humanitarian programmes and in particular to fund individuals and teams from the Asia Pacific Region to undertake practical training in Australia in the areas of food production, forestry, agriculture, environmental research and community development.
The Royce Abbey Award recognises Rotarians who show Enthusiasm and Commitment to the Object of Rotary. The selection is made by the President of the Rotary Club to encourage the Awardee to continue to enjoy his or her Rotary membership and contribution to the local and International Community.
The Award represents a contribution of AUD$1,000.00 by the Rotary Club to the Royce and Jean Abbey Endowed Fund within the Foundation of Rotary International which provides funding for the locally administered Royce and Jean Abbey Scholarship.The training is intended to equip the successful candidates to impart the knowledge gained to their own communities. The scholarship covers travel, accommodation, tuition and practical training up to US$10,000 for each individual team member.
Criteria, timelines and application forms for both the Award and Scholarship can be found on the Royce Abbey Website:  http://www.royceabbey.com/
Bruce Barber, Past District Governor, is representing D9700 on the Royce and Jean Abbey Scholarship Committee. The Rotary Club of Geelong sponsored Elijah Sarigari from Sariri Village in 2011 as the first scholarship winner from that District. Many clubs have supported the Sariri Project and have met Elijah and the value in the scholarship can be seen in the work Elijah is doing in Sariri at the present time.
Clubs are also involved in many projects in the Asia Pacific Region and it would be great if we could identify a prospective candidate who could meet the scholarship criteria. Scholarship Applications close on 31 January and 31 July each year so there is time now to get an application together for the 2016 year.
Please check the web page or contact Bruce Barber at barberbruceruth@bigpond.com if you would like more information.

Working with Retirees and Men's Sheds

Men's sheds provide physical, social and emotional support to retired males and others from disadvantaged community groups.
PDG Clive Walker from Rotary Eclub 9790  is the contact to promote the connection between Rotary and Men’s shed within our district.

Clive Walker
Rotary EClub 9790 
M: 0419 437 964
Email: clivejw@bigpond.com