Shine On Recognition and Awards Timeline

  • Establish member or sub-committee responsible for promotion of the Awards and Club's nomination.
July -
  • Present the Shine On Recognitions to Club Forum as a Club supported programme.
  • Present Shine On information and speaker to Club with need for all members to seek suitable candidate.
  • Local media release.
  • Contact disability support groups to identify suitable candidate.
  • Prompt follow up of all persons suggested for suitable candidacy.
  • Invite suitable candidates to Club meeting.
  • Closing date for nominations March 31st
  • Inform outcome of nomination with nominees.
  • Support and transport for nominees to Awards Presentation Ceremony or set up zoom communication
  • Recognitions and Awards Presentation Ceremony May 19th Diamond Creek Community Centre
  • Local Media release on Clubs' nominees
  • Club involvement with nominees and disability support groups.