Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment - RYPEN

The Concept

RYPEN has as its principal aim, to communicate to young people taking part in the program, a series of ideas, problems and social experiences which will assist them in forming their own values and moral standards and allow them to broaden their horizons culturally, socially and academically. Nothing is forced upon the young people - they are free to discuss and interpret what they experience and above all, they are not patronised by the Rotarians or Leaders who are involved in running the seminar.
The RYPEN seminar will be conducted by a Rotarian experienced in youth work and leadership camps and will be assisted by a team of youth leaders (female/male) who are or have been involved in other Youth Training Programs (ie. Rotaract, RYLA, Youth Work).  The Kinglake Forest Adventures Camp provides very good facilities for students and leaders and has dormitory style sleeping quarters for female/male attendees.

RYPEN in our District is designed to provide an enriching program for young people in the age groups covered by Years 9 & 10. It is centered on a weekend residential seminar where the young people are involved in an intense learning and social experience. The program is challenging to young people as it is focused on activities that will increase their self-esteem and leadership skills as well as allowing opportunities for them to think about understanding themselves and how they relate to others. Those attending should have a basic level of physical fitness, as parts of the program that the participants will become involved in, will include outdoor sessions that require them to work as a group, as well as being individually challenged.
To facilitate the learning at a RYPEN seminar, a balance is struck between work and play, between formal learning situations and social activities. Everything done at the seminar is closely planned to contribute, in a positive way, to the total experience.
A very important part of the concept is that those chosen to participate should be prepared to strive for and attempt all activities that will be offered to them at the seminar. To accept the offer to participate in the seminar is the commencement of the positive nature of the seminar. RYPEN seeks to help those who, with guidance and encouragement, can achieve their latent potential. Rotary is striving to build on the qualities that the young people selected for the seminar have already shown, i.e. perseverance, steadfastness, honesty and decency in order that they can benefit from this experience.

The job of selecting the seminar participants is up to each Secondary College invited to participate and a Rotary Club then sponsors those selected. The College's Student Welfare Teacher/Year 9 & 10 Coordinator's should be able to ensure that the student/s selected are within the guidelines and will benefit from the experience. The seminar is restricted to 40 students on a first come basis. Application forms are available from the District Committee or from this website. (See Menu Box)

The basic philosophy of RYPEN is that stimulus and individual enrichment, comes from the group ethos developed by the seminar team, which causes a sense of pride and unity to be developed in the participants, thus achieving the aims of the program.
Malcolm Watt (Pamela)
Mobile: 0439 158 274
Rotary Club of Shepparton Central
Chair: District RYPEN Program

District RYPEN Seminar

The Annual RYPEN Seminar has always been an unqualified success. Through their participation, our leaders have observed many young people grow in so many areas of life.
Many of the attendees have gained positive insight into themselves, which has improved their rationale for good decision making in the future. Through their participation, they were also able to demonstrate team membership positivity by being involved in a range of challenging activities. Importantly, they had a fun experience as their confidence grew in the group setting.
The 2023 District RYPEN Seminar will be held at the Kinglake Forest Adventures Camp at 1419 Yea Road, Kinglake West.   The program will commence at 5.00pm on Friday 31st March and conclude at approx. 3.00pm on Sunday 2nd April, 2023.   Rotary Club costs are $250.00 per student plus transport to and from the Venue.   Applications will close on 17th March, 2023.
Clubs are requested, through their secondary school involvement, to encourage participation by young people from Years 9 & 10 levels of 2023.
Applications are now available and close on 17th March, 2023.   The cost to sponsor a student is $250.00 which should be submitted with the application form. The club is also responsible for transportation of the student(s) to and from the venue. Club to Club car sharing is encouraged. A bus is always handy as well.
Malcolm Watt (Pamela)
Mobile: 0439 158 274
Chair: D9790 RYPEN 
Rotary Club of Shepparton Central

Rotary Club of Albury North RYPEN Seminar

NOTE: 2023 RC Albury North RYPEN Seminar.

The Rotary Club of Albury North will be conducting its annual RYPEN Camp in  May, 2023 at the YMCA's Howman's Gap Alpine Centre, located near Falls Creek. Albury North have been    sponsoring students at RYPEN for over 30 years. It is anticipated that we will again host up to 50 year10 students, who will be attending from 15 schools in the Southern NSW and North East Victoria area.
This camp is run independently from the annual District 9790 RYPEN camp, and is the major youth project of Albury North. Each year, the camp costs us between $10,000 and $12,000. This covers the cost of accommodation, meals, and activities at Howman's Gap, as well as the cost of the bus to transport the students to and from the camp. We charge the students a nominal fee of $30.00 to assist with the cost of the bus. This leaves us with a cost of approximately $180 per student.
The activities offered to the students are many and varied, from archery and challenge courses, rock climbing to high ropes activities. As well as the facilitators from Albury North, a youth coordinator from Wodonga Council organises the team building and youth leadership activities. We also invite a guest speaker to address and share their experiences with the students. 
As the students we host are from your local area we would be grateful if you would consider a contribution from your New Generations budget to assist us in sponsoring the students and allowing us to continue this project that has been so rewarding for many students, and indeed the Rotarians, in the past.
We would then recommend that you invite sponsored students back to your club to report on the camp and I am sure you will then see for yourselves the benefits of RYPEN, as we have done over the past 30 years.
If you have a particular high school that your club would like to sponsor, please let us know and we will ensure that those students are aware of which club has supported them. Should you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.
I thank you in anticipation.
Warwick Tasker  
RYPEN Coordinator
0408 052 386 
Rotary Club of Albury North