Police Training Connections

Rotary District 9790 is joining with Victoria Police in a pilot program to be called Rotary D9790 Police Training Connections. The pilot will be conducted with police recruits stationed in Shepparton and Wodonga. These are two of the Victoria Police Designated Training Workplaces (DTWs). Rotary clubs in Shepparton and Wodonga West have expressed an interest in participating.

The key objective of this new program is to promote a well-informed and community-oriented police force. Rotary clubs will contribute to the program by strengthening the awareness of new recruits and their police mentors of Rotary's strong community connections, its local and international programs and its commitment to leadership development.
It is expected that Rotary will give police recruits and their mentors an enhanced appreciation of these local communities and the ways in which diverse community groups are integrated.

Background to the Victoria Police Dedicated Training Workplaces Program

In 2010 Victoria Police completely remodelled its residential phase of new recruit training. Under the new model 'Thinking Curriculum' the course was extended from 23 to 33 weeks and introduced consolidated learning opportunities.
This meant a focus on workplace experience directly after learning. This was the catalyst for expansion of the Victoria Police DTW program.

Under the program recruits are sworn in as operational police members after 12 weeks of training. This enables them to perform week-long placements at partnered workplaces during weeks 13, 18 and 26. Recruits also have workplace exposure through the Safe Streets Program (2 weeks) and the Road Policing Drug and Alcohol Section (2 weeks).
For further enquiries, contact the District Vocational Service Chair.