Victorian Police Leaders Mentoring Program (VPLMP)

Victoria Police, Rotary and the Victorian business community have established a successful partnership to deliver the mentoring program for police members who are considered to be high performing leaders within their field.
Senior Sergeants (Stream 2) manage over 70% of the Victoria Police membership and are responsible for the front-line delivery of service to the community. It is because of Rotary’s commitment to community service that it is invited to provide mentors to Stream 2 mentees.
This multi-District program is designed to run for approximately 12 months each year (March – May). More detailed information is available on the Central Melbourne RC website.
In 2022, District 9790 had three mentors who began the program in February, with induction training and a welcome ceremony in Melbourne. During the year they were asked to reflect on their experiences as a mentor.
Ross MCDonald - RC Eltham
I have met with my mentee in person.  We have had four meetings and we have spoken on the telephone – including his attendance at one of the Rotary Club of Eltham meetings, an invitation for me to attend the official opening of his police station and a meeting again at the station. We both also attended the program launch, dinner and speaker. The program is going well. I think we are good match. I am pleased I put my hand up.
The Victorian Police Leaders’ Mentoring program is very well run with detailed guidelines, communications and briefings.  For the action project, this has helped frame the thinking, against suggested criteria, and it has also assisted me in defining my role.
My mentee is gradually shaping the goals and, once this is clear, we will frame some of the community involvement/partnerships where Rotary and other groups could be involved or assist. The program has also started to give me an understating of Policing!
Matthew Burke - RC Wodonga
My mentee and I have held 3 meetings so far, and he is currently working on his ‘Community Initiative’ which I believe will involve ‘prevention of youth crime’, for kids between the ages of 13-16.
Once he develops this program, my Rotary club will assist with delivery into schools around Wodonga.
Alan Field - RC Eltham
Mentoring is one of the greatest gifts we can make. I have been mentoring for some 30 years, and it is still very fulfilling.
When I am asked to speak on the subject of mentoring, I always make this statement. "There are many, many successful people here and across the community and that is very encouraging. But there are few successful people who walk back to bring others through. Those few I see as the "great people" who give out relentlessly to others. To walk back and to help others find their way through the jungle of advancement."
Many who are contemplating mentoring say that they will not know what to say to the Mentee. However, it is the art of constructive listening and prompting that sees you through. Many have the right answers within them.
At present, District 9790 does not have any Rotarians involved in the 2024 VPLMP. However, we hope to join again in 2025 as it provides an excellent opportunity for our members to support their communities in a very different way. 
Lorraine Greenwood
Rotary Club of Numurkah
District 9790 Vocational Service Chair 2022-2023