March 25th, 2020
District Governor Brian Peters (D9790) has implemented a Bushfire Recovery Commitee (BRC) to oversee potential activities to assist the Upper Murray communities affected by the recent fires.
The role of the Committee is to meet and speak with the various communities to establish what assistance they require; this in light of the fact that it is a different set of circumstances to the Black Friday fires of 2009, as no public buildings have been affected in these fires.
We are to liaise with the local Rotary Clubs and determine what support/actions they can provide, or what assistance they may require going forward.
To this end, PP Geoff Dinning has the role of Project Co-ordinator. Geoff will record all nominated projects for discussion by the committee. The recommendations of prospective projects would come from the committee members who have had frequent visits to the fire-affected areas as well as local Rotary Clubs and local Communities.
All projects with final costings, forwarded by the Project Co-ordinator, will be discussed by the BRC committee. Upon final agreement of which projects are to be adopted, they will be forwarded to the District Governor of the day for their final approval. Only projects that have been considered by the BRC will be approved, no third party endorsements outside of this will be considered unless instructed by the District Governor.
A report of all approved projects, and status of completion, will be forwarded to the next and future District 9790 Board of Management Committee meetings.                                                         
To assist PP Rosemary Freeman (secretary) to create a regular newsletter, we need feedback from Clubs and Rotarians on new projects and or information on completed projects. The newsletter will provide to the DG, District Clubs, a complete picture of the Upper Murray region bushfire recovery.
Chairman Bushfire Recovery Committee
Bernie Bott PDG.