District Trailers

The District Trailers are available to clubs for special functions and projects.

Trailer 1

The trailer contains "National Flags", banners for each Avenue of Service, also a number of banners for Rotary projects, e.g. Polio Plus and Safe Water Save Lives. The banners and flags make great back drops for special functions and give excellent exposure to Rotary when members of the public are attending Rotary functions. It is based in Euroa.
PP Neville Harris (Beryl)
Rotary Club of Euroa
(H) (03) 5795 1910
(M) 0407 815 325
Email: harrisn@mcmedia.com.au

Trailer 2

The trailer is primarily used for Donations in Kind transport between pickup sites and the various stores around greater Melbourne. It is based in Tullamarine.The trailer is available for the use of fellow Rotarians for Rotary projects at dates and times by mutual agreement.
PP David Meller (Denise)
Rotary Club of Strathmore
(H) (03) 9379 3577
(M) 0409 165 553
Email: dmeller@optusnet.com.au