Contact: Kerry Kirk
Virtual - (Zoom)

[Previously postponed, now rescheduled as a Virtual event]

COVID19 - can't stop us from doing more good in the world - we need to find ways to soldier on! So we are taking this event virtual

Clubs wanting to partner with other clubs on International projects should attend this event.  

Why should you attend?

If you don't have the expertise or the resources to run your own or another International Project but want to help another Club get their International project up and running and do more good in the world, this is the event for you/your club.  

If you have a great project but need more financial or physical resources to get your project off the ground or finish an existing project, than this is the event for you.  Come and pitch your project to the other clubs in District 9790 and lets get you moving!

We are looking for 6 Clubs to pich their project in 3 minutes to the rest of the 9790 Clubs.  In that time you will say who you are, what specifically you want, eg. 1 club to donate $10,000 or maybe you want 4 Clubs to donate $2500 (be specific), which of the 7 key focus areas your project is focused on, e.g. fighting disease, or water and sanitation, where it is (Country and locale), what the money is needed for (short and sharp please)  and what you will give the clubs who donate to your project, e.g. a mention in all newsletters as a project sponsor and your clubs name on a plaque or an opportunity for 1 member of your club to join the project on the ground at the opening ceremony etc.  (no videos/ppts needed or wanted, just you talking from the heart).

The Clubs will then be given an opportunity to ask you questions/bargain/negotiate with you.  Clubs will then finalise pledges, thus your clubs representative must be given a budget they have the authority to pledge on behalf of your club (i.e. they do not need to go back to their club for authroisation after the sharktank).

Watch this space for further details or contact me to discuss your participation

Kerry Kirk

District 9790 International Service Chair

0408 346 175