Australian Rotary Health in District 9790

The needs for research are unlimited, although the quantum of the Fund is open-ended.
Possible research grants of two million dollars annually will be a reality and will certainly put Rotary on the map as far as the general public is concerned. However, the notable success of this worthwhile project has been achieved because almost all Australian Rotary clubs are behind it and support it on a regular annual basis.
It being the ongoing part of every club's community service activities that will make Australian Rotary Health unbelievably successful. Many promotional initiatives have been developed by the Board with new ones added each year. The latest is ARH "Hat Day" in May each year.
Regional Seminars
Seminars are conducted in each Region each year to provide information about the Fund, the research projects it is supporting and means of fundraising and promotion of ARH.
District Governors, District Governors' Elect, District Governors' Nominee, Assistant Governors, District Chairmen and Committee members are specifically invited to attend and participate in these seminars. Some regions are extending the seminars to include Club Community Service Directors as a means of informing a wider group of Rotarians about the Fund and its significance in Australia.
A Rotary Health Research newsletter is printed after every Board meeting, about five times annually. Normal distribution of the newsletter is to all Rotary clubs in Australia, ARH Directors, District Governors, District Governors' Elect, District Governors' Nominee, Australian Rotary Health members and District Chairmen with the latter receiving copies for his committee members. Newsletters may include a clip sheet of small paragraphs suitable for reproduction in District Governors' monthly letters and club bulletins.
The purpose of these newsletters is to keep everyone interested and informed about the current activities of the Fund and to encourage clubs to contribute to the Fund especially in the May newsletter.
Television & Radio Community Service Announcements At minimal cost to the Fund, we have been able to produce commercials promoting Australian Rotary Health through all of the forty two commercial television stations throughout Australia. All stations co-operated through their community service segments and they have made the general public more aware of Rotary and Health Research needs in Australia.
Dinner Badge Stickers The Fund originally set a target of $50 per member contribution, but many clubs have far exceeded this figure. Where a club has reached this level, the club is sent an attractive blue and gold sticker for attaching to each Rotarian's dinner badge to signify that the club has supported Australian Rotary Health. In addition, the club receives a Certificate of Appreciation signed by the Chairman and Secretary and presented by the ARH District Chairman.
Special Club Awards Where clubs have reached levels of contributions of $250, $500, $1000, $1500 and $2000 per member, then in increments of $1,000 per member, a special banner of appreciation is presented to the club, usually by the District Governor, an ARH Director or District Chairman at a special function - District Conference, club anniversary or similar.
Speakers at Club Meetings ARH District Chairmen are most knowledgeable concerning Australian Rotary Health and they or their committee will seek to visit every Rotary club each year to up-date them on the progress of the Fund and to stress the importance of the continuing nature of Australian Rotary Health in this country.
Rotary Down Under Article May is Australian Rotary Health month and our organisation prepares a four page article in Rotary Down Under showing some of our research programs, the people involved and the general progress of the Fund. This is produced for the general information of Rotarians and additional copies of the article are produced for promotional material when a presentation is made to a Rotary club.
Fold-out Promotional Brochure These have been produced by popular demand. They are printed in full colour and can be used both at club level and also as hand-outs for any public promotional activities at shopping centres, fetes, etc. Available from the ARH at no charge.
District Conference Our conference is an ideal time to bring new facts to the attention of members and their partners in Rotary. Each Rotary District now has a display stand - with brightly coloured photographs that can be used at conferences and other events. You can build up your own montage with the help of your District Co-ordinator using local photographs and other printed material. Get Rotarians talking!
Display Boards
To help spread the word of the Australian Rotary Health each District has their own display boards. Already an effective tool in use at District Conferences, these folding display systems, easy to assemble, give extraordinary visual impact. Local display material can be Velcro attached on either side of the display panels.
Clubs wishing to make use of these boards should contact the District Co-ordinator for booking information etc.
Money matters and ARH
  1. Donations by corporate sponsors and individual Rotarians are tax deductible. (This may encourage Rotarians to donate funds around tax time.)
  2. Rotarians should think about becoming benefactors to ARH when preparing their wills. (It appears some thousands of dollars are donated each year by this method.)