Rotary Friendship Exchange

District 9790 has been participating in Friendship Exchanges for a number of years. However the majority of Rotarians in our District are not aware of this program, however this awareness is now growing.
What is Friendship Exchange?
Rotary Friendship Exchange is Rotary’s exchange program for Rotarians and their spouses. Friendship Exchanges allow Rotarians the opportunity to experience another culture first hand in the homes of Rotarians in another country.

The exchanges are recriprocal and usually last about 2 weeks. The goal of the program is to advance international understanding, goodwill and peace through person to person contact across national boundaries. D9790 only has participated in team programs where a number of Rotarians and spouses participate. Rotarians would spend 2 to 3 nights with each host usually in different areas of that Rotary District. The number of participants of an exchange can be from 4 to 10 couples but this number can be changed by agreement between the Districts.
Who May Apply?
The team program is only available to Rotarians and their spouses.
How can a Rotarian apply for exchange?
Rotarians must apply to the District 9790 RFE committee for inclusion in an exchange. The RFE chairman will advise Rotarians of exchanges on offer and the dates of the exchange. Payment of a deposit of $200 per person will secure a place on the exchange. RFE chairman will attempt to have several exchanges on offer each year but this will be dependent on obtaining interested Districts from overseas.
What countries can be visited?
Any Rotary District in the World that is interested in RFE and that wishes to exchange with D9790. The Districts approached will depend on the interest of Rotarians wishing to visit. The time of the visit is also by agreement between the two Districts keeping in mind the wishes of the participating Rotarians. D9790 will also be arranging an exchange with other Australian Districts in the future.
How can i host a friendship exchange?
If you would like to host a Rotarian on a RFE contact your RFE Committee and record your interest. If the RFE team is staying in your area then they will attempt to involve you. This will depend on the numbers in the RFE team and how many hosts are available.
What is expected of me if i host an exchange?
You are expected to arrange a number of activities for your guests. Some spare time is also required. Guests are expected to meet out of pocket costs to attend venues, etc but this is by agreement. The host provides lodging at no cost. You are expected to treat guests as family.