Bowelscan Programme

If treated in time, 90% of bowel cancer can be treated successfully
Has your Club considered participating in the Rotary Bowelscan Programme, which is conducted annually during the month of May?
It is an ongoing programme, not a one off programme.
Currently there are 16 Clubs in District 9790 participating in the programme. Bowel Cancer is the second most common cancer worldwide after breast cancer. It is the most common internal cancer affecting male and female Australians. It is the second highest cause of cancer deaths, after lung cancer.
It affects 1 in 18 male and 1 in 26 females in Australia. 90% of Bowel Cancers can be cured if detected early. Bowelscan is a screening programme to detect any blood in bowel motions. Positive results then require further examination to determine the cause. The cause may not be cancer related.
Participation has become relatively simple with District 9780 expanding their programme to now take in Clubs from other Victorian based Districts.
District 9780 coordinate the supply, delivery,  flyers, posters, regional TV advertising throughout Victoria, plus associated administration including sending result letters to all participants and their GP where a positive result occurs.
The kits are provided on consignment and sold @ $15.00 each with the participating Club retaining $1.00 for local promotional use etc. Unsold kits are retained at no cost for use the following year.
What does a participating Club need to do?
  1. Appoint a Club coordinator for the programme.
  2. Consult with local pharmacies to assist with the distribution and sale of kits.
  3. Complete & return the attached expression of interest form or use the on line form here.
  4. Receive correspondence regarding participation in programme and update of Club details for the current year including order of additional kits required.
  5. Receive kits from courier for sale.
  6. Arrange local programme promotions (posters/newspaper etc.) prior to programme.
  7. Distribute kits to sales outlets.
  8. Reconcile sales etc. and make payment based upon number of kits sold and return reconciliation sheet and retain unsold kits for use next year.
In larger communities where there are a number of Rotary Clubs it is recommended that the Clubs check with each other to ensure that the programme is coordinated across their community.